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  • Concrete Properties Containing Fine Aggregate Marble Powder

    Concrete Properties Containing Fine Aggregate Marble Powder

    Fig 3 Granulometric curve for marble powder 2 3 Aggregates An optimized concrete mix design necessarily involves the determination of optimum mass ratios of various aggregates The coarse aggregate are crushed gravel from the Jaubert quarry (Algeria) and is mainly limestone.2 2 Waste Marble Powder Marble powder was collected from the deposits of marble factories during shaping It was sieved by IS 90 micron sieve before mixing in concrete The properties of marble powder are given in Table 2 2 3Recycled coarse Aggregates Recycling is the act of processing the used material for use in creating new product.Feb 04 2019 The use of marble powder and green sand as fine aggregate replacement created a favorable effect on reducing the porosity of the concrete The reduction in the water absorption caused a decrease in the voids and is responsible for the improvement in the mechanical strength and impermeability properties of concrete.Partial replacement of fine aggregate with waste marble powder and to compare it with the compressive strength of ordinary M20 6 1 7 Influence of Marble and Aluminium Waste Powder on the Performance of Bricks The Aluminum waste is mixed with a the black cotton soil red soil fly ash and water with the different proportion 1 2 and 3 of.

  • Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregates By Marble

    Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregates By Marble

    Manufacturer of powder Wash Marble Stone Chips Natural Multi Colorful Marble Stone Crushed texture grit sand Wall Cladding Wall Texture Terrazzo Marble Grit And Sand Price Per Kg and Gemstone Lapis Lazuli 300 Mesh Powder Price Per kg offered by Miracle Marble Art Kutch Gujarat.Jan 02 2021 Ashish D K (2019) He uses marble powder as partial replacement of fine aggregate and uses 2 materials as partial replacem3ent of cement The 2 materials were metakaoline and silica fume It was observed that the 15 replacement of marble powder was giving maximum durable properties and beyond this percentage the strength was decreasing.Nov 22 2019 Effect of Marble Powder and Quarry Dust as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate on Concrete written by Dr M Kannan Sandhya Swarnalakshmi published on 2019 11 22 download full article with reference data and citations.

  • Waste Marble Chips As Concrete Aggregate

    Waste Marble Chips As Concrete Aggregate

    Dec 31 2018 An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Vermiculate and Cement by Marble Powder.Amounts of marble powder Fine aggregate conforming to grading requirements of ASTM C 33 was used in this research work A mixture of sand from two quarry sites i e Lawerancepur sand and Chenab sand was used The fine aggregate was proportioned as.Marble is well usable instead of the usual aggregate in the concrete paving block production[10] Use of waste marble in concrete as aggregate can save about 5 and 4 the cost of concrete per meter cube with O P C and P P C respectively thus it can be say.

  • “green Concrete: Using Industrial Waste Of Marble

    “green Concrete: Using Industrial Waste Of Marble

    Aggregates The marble powder can improve various properties of concrete viz compressive strength flexural strength and reduces the water cement ratio Marble powder is used at different percentages like 10 20 30 40 50 and are tested after 7 14 and 28 days The results are then compared with conventional concrete.Feb 04 2019 Marble powder as fine aggregate replacement provided several benefits in terms of strength enhancement as well as positive cost efficiency ratio Several studies have been done to reuse the waste marble powder so that they can be converted into an economical construction material Green sand used for metal castings.Feb 17 2015 The rapid growth of the marble industry introduces concerns regarding the negative impact of marble quarrying on the environment because the cutting of marble creates sludge The incorporation of marble sludge (powder) into concrete and cement based products would make significant environmental and economic contributions This study aims to develop a concrete mixture with maximum marble.

  • Strength Evaluation Of Concrete Using Marble Powder And

    Strength Evaluation Of Concrete Using Marble Powder And

    Fine aggregate (sand) and cement were partially replaced with Granite powder and marble powder The replacement is done by 5 10 15 20 25 of cement by marble powder and 5 10 15 20 25 of fine aggregate by granite powder to evaluate the effect of presence of these replacement materials on the strength of specimens.Marble Waste powder is a widespread byproduct of marble processing industries All these wastes are thrown away in the areas near the factories and cause severe environmental problems The main objective of this study is to explore the possibility of using marble powder waste as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete.Dec 01 2012 They concluded that the replacement of fine aggregate with 50 marble powder and 50 quarry rock dust green concrete gives an excellent result in workability and it satisfy the self compacting concrete performance which is the slump flow is 657 mm without affecting the strength of concrete Slump flow increases with the increase of marble.

  • Use Of Marble Powder As A Partial Replacement Of

    Use Of Marble Powder As A Partial Replacement Of

    Due to the increasing demand for cement marble powder is used as a partial replacement of cement for economic status Marble waste is a solid waste material generated from the marble processing and can be used as a filler material in cement while preparing concrete Quarry stone is also used for the replacement for fine aggregate.The replacement of fine aggregate with 50 marble sludge powder and 50 Quarry rock dust (Green concrete) gives an excellent result in strength aspect and quality aspect Increase the marble sludge powder content by than 50 improves the workability but affects the compressive and split tensile strength of concrete.Marble dust can be mixed with various types of cement to form precast marble molded concrete There are two types of cement that can be mixed with marble that will form a product that is hard and resilient type S and Portland cement The mixing methods however are the same.